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On the Money

Ernest Stel

Ernest Stel has been working in the financial service industry since 1987, mainly in the area of Private Banking and Mortgage Broking. Currently Ernest holds a position as a senior Financial Advisor for a financial service agency based in Amsterdam.

Tulip Investments: Money Matters in the Netherlands

Ernest also runs his own company called Tulip Investments Financial Services. Tulipinv provides workshops and advice on a variety of financial matters, which apply within the Netherlands. Ernest’s Tulipinv workshops, on money matters in the Netherlands, are aimed at small groups of up to 9 people.

Whether you choose to join a workshop or seek financial advice privately, Ernest’s aim is to offer the key knowledge, which enables you to take important financial decisions independently.

You might for instance need help filling in tax forms, choosing the right insurance or buying an apartment. It’s hard enough dealing with the Dutch language, let alone finding your way through the forest of the Dutch tax laws, the jungle of insurances or the wilderness of mortgage products. Ernest is your trusted guide in the labyrinth of Dutch Financial products.

On the Money

For private financial consultancy Ernest can give very specific advice on a wide range of financial topics. Ernest is a Registered Financial Divorce Advisor (RFEA), a Certified Mortgage Advisor (SEH) and a Certified Investment Advisor (DSI).

Whether you need help with money matters such as mortgage, insurance or tax…

…Ernest is your man on the money!